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About Prudent Education Foundation (PEF)

Prudent Education Foundation (PEF)
founded in 2002 is a privately held company in Kathmandu, Nepal that specializes in education consulting services to local students for placements in colleges and universities throughout the world. Prudent's competency lies in strategic planning, market re search, career counselling, international education and recruitment. We assist our client in applying for higher education to any school worldwide that fits best their inspiration and interest.

At Prudent, we believe in long term healthy relationship with our students and their guardians. As such, we work rigorously with our students in identifying programs, colleges and universities, scholarships and financial assistances at most competitive charges.


Saguni Shakya

Message from MD’s Desk
We at Prudent believe that “There is a brilliant child behind every student.” more

Shaguni Singh Sakya

Rajan Shakya

Message from Chairman’s Desk
"Education is experience." what I learned in school and college built up my concrete foundation. more

Rajan Sakya